About Us

Agape Theatre provides specialised theatre projects and drama and movement therapy to children and young people with attachment difficulties or other socio-emotional needs. We pride ourselves in engaging children creatively while helping them grow emotionally and socially. We believe in the healing potential of the arts and the power of play. The objective of this company is to provide creative ‘safe spaces’ for children and young people to discover more about themselves through the arts. Agape Theatre works to encourage self-confidence, social skills, emotional literacy and re-establish healthy attachments. Agape Theatre is a London-based company, but also takes projects to children internationally.

The Director

Charity Miller founded Agape Theatre because she is passionate about seeing children and young people thrive despite life’s challenges. She has over 15 years of experience working with children in creative and therapeutic settings. Charity specialises in working with children with attachment difficulties, including looked after children, children with special guardianship, adopted children or children of divorce. Charity has travelled around the world encouraging resiliency in children and young people using the creative arts. Her practice is culturally sensitive and aware of the clients she works with. As the founder and director of Agape Theatre, Charity trains and manages a team of talented therapists and trainee practitioners. She is dedicated to the children she supports and to helping develop the next generation of therapists to be effective, compassionate and inspiring.

The Team

Selina- Rose Sanderson

Selina is a fully qualified drama and movement therapist working across London. She offers individual and group dramatherapy to children and young people with a variety of needs. She specializes in working with young people with anxiety, depression, and self-harming tendencies. Selina is also dedicated to helping clients re-form healthy attachments, and build emotional literacy, preventing them from further social exclusion. Her approach is client-led and client-centered allowing the child to make their own discoveries and lead the way to their own healing. Selina is passionate about holistic care, providing safe spaces for clients to learn more about themselves and make positive steps toward growth and change.

Francesca De Magistris

Francesca is an Italian Dramatherapist who strongly believes in the power of theatre and creative arts as instruments of healing and hope. Francesca has over 5 years of experience supporting children in education and healthcare settings. Her expertise surrounds supporting children with low self-esteem and/or relational issues. She also works with children with attachment difficulties living in temporary placements. She believes reliable and consistent therapeutic support can help children thrive when their lives feel unpredictable. She uses drama games, stories, art and other techniques to help clients engage with their inner conflict and find their own solutions and courage. Francesca speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Nina Mdwaba

Nina is a South-African born spoken word and performance artist. She is currently training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to become a qualified dramatherapist. Nina is a placement student of Agape Theatre working in schools where she is honing her practice and supporting children with socio-emotional needs. Nina’s training is focused on trauma-based therapy and grief. Nina is also passionate about racial-based trauma and working with women, children, refugees, asylum seekers, and survivors of gender-based violence (GBV).

Nikita Constant  

Nikita is a placement student of Agape Theatre working in schools in London where she supports children with complex needs. She is currently training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where her focus surrounds supporting children with ASD and mental/behavioural health difficulties. Nikita also has a personal affinity in supporting children and young people with attachment concerns with holistic care. She has a strong passion for the arts and believes that play and movement can promote growth which in turn allows people to discover their inner selves. Nikita is also proficient in BSL and works with children with auditory limitations.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or joining our team. Please also contact us if you are a MA Dramatherapy student wanting to join our placement program.